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About Quinten Hosting

"Quinten Hosting was started when several webhosting and web design companies founded around 2004 were merged by holding company Rob Beeren Media in 2012. With Quinten Hosting, owner Rob Beeren and his team are aiming for affordable hosting with the same high quality standards you can expect from the more expensive web hosting services.

It has taken time and a lot of hard work on the part of the Quinten Hosting team but we are proud to say that we have achieved those high quality goals we were aiming for while implementing our 6 Hour Response Policy for any and all questions. While we are a relatively small web hosting service, we are determined to keeping up our reputation for trustworthiness that our many customers have come to rely on.

Here at Quinten Hosting you will find affordable hosting solutions, expert technicians, friendly knowledgeable support, top of the range hardware and technology and a state of the art data center all working together to ensure that you have a successful, uninterrupted online presence.
Our mission is to serve as a complete resource for anyone with a project on the Web. Our services will meet the needs of every customer regardless of their expertise, location, requirements or preferences. Our company will always be the first and last stop for all your web related needs.

Quinten Hosting strives to be every client's trusted business partner wherever in the world by providing reliable and high quality services and support.

Through the best partnerships in our industry, proper company management and constant gradual growth, we will be able to achieve the most affordable product pricing possible. Our clients can expect competitive prices for their specific project requirements without compromised reliability.

To state it simply, Quinten Hosting will put the freedom of the World Wide Web at the fingertips of every client.

Our vision is that we want to delight our customers by giving them what they didn't ask for.

We strive to create the best service for our customers and going further than any other hosting or web design company. We want to do that by surprizing our customers from time to time by giving them extra service or extra discount when they didn't even ask for that.

Royce (owner of Royce.be) (Belgium)

Quinten Hosting created our beatifull website. Also the team is hosting our website for over 5 years and with that I am extremely satisfied. Great service.

Marleen Beeren (owner of marleenbeeren.nl) (The Netherlands)

With Quinten Hosting we are getting exactly what we want and what we need for a very low price. The uptime is outstanding.

Marco Janssen (co-founder Video Vault) (The Netherlands)

Quinten Hosting created our website and the way of working with the team is amazing. Such a dedication to strive to get the best website possible. I really enjoyed the approach on how they build the website together and discuss and show as many times as needed.